Social Skills Group

Develop a Positive Self-Esteem, How to Handle Your Feelings and Healthy Social Skills

This is an 8-week outcome-focused program that will enhance the development of skills designed for children beginning elementary school. The program utilizes evidence-based curriculums, including MindUP, through which children learn to understand how their own mental processes work. By building awareness of one’s impulses, thoughts, feelings and behavior children become more resilient, focused, build healthy friendships and have fewer behavioral problems.   


Skills gained have shown in many studies to:

Reduce Behavioral Problems

Strengthen Resilience and Self-esteem

Improve Self-Control and Self-Regulation Skills

Reduce Impulsiveness & Improve Attention

Develop Positive Peer Relationships

Gain Problem-Solving Skills

Build Healthy Language and Communication Skills


Groups are Open Enrollment

Groups will resume the second half of 2018

Limited Space; Call to Register

Insurance and Private Pay Accepted